The participants competing in the 50 and 70km distances will carry all equipment needed to manage two tough days and one night outside in mountain terrain. Participants in the BAMM 30 distance get their tent and sleeping bags transported to the night camp. Therefore the BAMM 30 participants will most lightly have a slightly lighter backpack to carry through the course.

On Friday morning before the start the teams will receive the maps and courses and can start planning the best route. A collective start will then take place. After passing all the checkpoints the competitors will reach the night camp where everybody will spend the night in a big camp.

Day 2, the start will be a pursuit start for the top teams from day 1. The leading team starts first and after that the second team and so on based on the results from day 1. All teams arriving at the night camp more than 1 hour after the leading team from day 1 will have a collective start. The goal will be in Riksgränsen where a hot shower, sauna and mingle awaits. In the evening you can enjoy the price ceremony and dinner.

What distance/class is appropriate for me?

Some experience of mountain terrain, simple orienteering along or around trails and markers in the nature and often with clear terrain formations by checkpoints. If you feel comfortable hiking about 15km per day under 10 hours this is the distance is appropriate for you. A good distance if you are curious to try this type of competition for the first time.

Good mountain/nature experience. Puts higher demand on your ability to orient yourself mostly without path/trail and with “large objects” (peaks, lakes) as markers. This is the distance for the runner with good physical condition looking for a tough challenge.

Puts high demand on physical condition, mountain experience and ability to orient. We recommend first participating in BAMM 50 or having experience from similar races before taking on BAMM 70. This is the distance for the runner looking for a very tough challenge.


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