BAMM 6-7 Aug 2021

Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon (BAMM) is an annual rigorous two-day competition in mountain orienteering. Each team is composed of two members competing in an exciting, though challenging overnight race through the Swedish mountains.
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Travel comfortably to the race. With the discount code BAMM2021, you get 15% off train tickets with Nattåget Norrland (only valid for ordinary prices). The tickets will be released mid May. and the discount is valid for trips between the 1st-10th of August. If you choose to travel to Kiruna by airplane or any other way, you can save your energy and book our transfer to the race. We will pick you up at the airport or from Kiruna C. Safe travels!

The Competition

In 2021 BAMM is adding a new class to the competition in, 10, which unique amongst all classes is a single day event. The traditional classes, 30, 50, and 70 continue as two-day orienteering racing with one night in the mountains.

Participants competing in classes 50 and 70 are responsible for carrying themselves all necessary gear to complete these two tough days and one night on the mountain. For competitors in class 30, transportation for tents and sleeping bags is provided to the overnight locations. Competitors in class 30 are also allowed a somewhat lighter backpack to run with. Competitors in the new class, 10, will run a path demarcated by taped lines, with a map and during a single day, however, just as competitors in other classes they will be required to carry a set of obligatory gear during the race. The starting location for all classes is in Riksgränsen.  

On the Friday morning before the race start, teams will be given a map with the course to begin planning their strategic path. Soon after, all teams will begin simultaneously from the starting point. After each of the required checkpoints have been taken, the teams will arrive to a communal camping point where all teams will sleep together in a large tent.

On day 2, the race begins in the morning with a staggered start; the team that arrived first on day 1 will begin, with each team following in the order in which they arrived the previous day. Teams which arrived more than an hour after the starting team will begin together before the staggered start. The finish line is back in Riksgränsen, where a shower, sauna and mingle is awaiting the tired competitors, which is followed that evening by the prize ceremony and a dinner.


BAMM 10,  

This class is perfect for those who are maybe less experienced in orienteering, and want to try hiking or running a back country race through the mountains. This class will not require significant experience in the mountains. The course will range from 10-15 kilometers, both following a path and over unmarked, partially mountainous terrain.. If you’re interested in trying out this exciting challenge without needing to sleep out overnight, this is the class for you.

Even though Class 10 begins on the Saturday (the 2nd day of the full competition), competitors will still receive the map and course the day before, on Friday. 
If you would like to get information and explore the surroundings bye your self on Friday please contact our guide office. We have a lot of running, fishing, hiking and biking around. This is a unique mountain area and the challenge itself in order to have the most fun, and create memories you won’t soon forget!


This class is for those who have some experience in mountainous terrain, with orienteering and planning diverse pathways in order to reach identified targets. If you are able to hike through challenging mountainous terrain up to a total of around 15 -25 kilometres a day over 10 hours, this class is the best pick for you, especially if this is your first time in this kind of competition.


This is the ideal choice for competitors with significant experience in the mountains and in nature. Class 50 will place higher requirements on your orienteering and ability to navigate in mostly unmarked terrain and past, “large obstacles” such as mountains and lakes, which will serve as your points of orientation. If you’re in good physical condition and want a challenge, this is the perfect class for you. The tents and sleeping bags will be transported to the night camp.


This class is recommended for those who have exceptional experience in mountainous terrain, orienteering and are in superior physical condition. We recommend that you have at least competed previously in BAMM 50 or a similar competition before registering for BAMM 70. This class is ideal for those looking to test themselves against a considerable challenge. Each team have to carry all equipment they need for the race by them self.

On day 2 there is also the “Exercise” Classes, to allow as many people to participate as possible, even if they were for some reason not able to finish day 1. Teams will choose between the distance classes, 10, 30 or 50.


*The course will be a birds eye path. In these classes, teams can be Men, Women or Mixed.