Each participant is obliged to inform themselves about and follow the rules given by the competition leader.

Participation is at your own risk.

The payment is binding. When presenting a medical certificate showing cause for cancellation, 75% will be refunded if you unsubscribe by 1 June, after which no refund will be made, we also recommend that you use the insurance Startklar or Startklar Plus.

When registering, you will make a “user” profile that makes it possible to change the class and the participants’ names up to one week before the start. After that, a change of class and name can be made in the competition secretariat in Björkliden until the day before the start.

If for any reason you are not able to participate, if you wish to, you are responsible for reselling your place via your login. We recommend that you use BAMM’s Facebook page as a forum for selling your starting point.

Minimum age 18 years for distances 50 and 70. For the 30-distance, the minimum age is 16 years (turning 16 during the calendar year) with the written approval of the guardian. In addition, the total age of the team must be at least 34.

When participating in BAMM 10, the minimum age is 16 years, and no upper age limit. Participants must follow the course markings.

In the event of a canceled competition, only the entry fee will be refunded.

The teams shall consist of two persons; men, women, or mix. Dogs are not allowed.


  • Day 2 there are also exercise classes. Exercise classes are there to make it possible for as many people as possible to participate on day 2, even if the team for some reason does not complete day 1.
  • It is not possible to register for an exercise class in advance.
  • Exercise class is available at distances 30, 50 and 70.
  • Teams that exceed the maximum times on day 1 may start on day 2, but then in a shorter exercise class.
  • Teams that break day 1 have the right to start in a shorter exercise class.
  • Teams formed in the night camp run day 2 in a suitable exercise class.
  • Teams in the distance 30 may start in exercise class 30 if the competition management approves it.
  • The competition management has the right to place teams in the exercise class.


All mandatory equipment must be able to be presented on request and at the finish line.

All equipment must be carried throughout the course.

For participants in the 30-distance, the competition organization transports the team’s tent and two sleeping bags / sleeping bag systems. These should fit in a 60 liter plastic bag. This plastic bag is given to the competitor by the competition organization. No other equipment may be in the plastic bag.


  • Compass
  • Bottle
  • Hat or buff
  • mitts / gloves
  • Insulating sweater that fits your body size. For example down, fleece or wool.
  • Wind and waterproof jacket with hood
  • Whistle
  • Energy bar or similar
  • Number tag (available from the organizer)
  • Map (available from the organizer)
  • A SportIdent badge / participant


  • Map (available from the organizer)
  • 2 number tags, obtained by the organizer (the number tag must be worn visibly and the advertisement must not be folded away) The exception for visible number tags is when reinforcing clothing, then the number tag may be under coveralls.
  • A SportIdent badge / team – (can be rented by the organizer in connection with registration, if you bring your own, the SI badge’s control number must be entered when registering)
  • Wrist strap for attaching SportIdent tag. (obtained by the organizer)
  • Compass, must be a “real” compass, compass watches are not approved.
  • Water bottle 0.7 liters or several bottles with a total volume of 0.7 liters.
  • Sleeping pad. At least 5 mm thick covering the back from the crotch to the neck. Substrates of balloons or air mattresses made to be used as bath toys are not permitted. Only inflatable sleeping pads that are made to be a sleeping pad are approved.
  • Sleeping bag. (Transported by the organizer for participants in the 30-distance)
  • Hat or buff.
  • Mitts / gloves.
  • Insulating sweater that fits your body size. For example down, fleece or wool. Vest or undershirt is not allowed
  • Underwear for dry change.
  • Wind and waterproof trousers, taped seams.
  • Wind and waterproof jacket with hood, taped seams. Ponchos are not allowed.
  • Whistle.

Emergency supplies, for example energy bar or equivalent (at least 50g), must be able to be displayed at the finish line.

  • Pen for correction of map information, type of pen is your own responsibility to choose, but the pen should work to write / mark on the map in Tyvek (thin plastic material) where the writing can then also withstand wet conditions.

Keep in mind that the competition takes place in mountain terrain and that the weather can change quickly. Do not be too stingy with equipment and food. Use common sense.


  • Kitchen and fuel (enough to be able to boil a liter of cold water in the kitchen you have brought with you)

1st aid kit containing: elastic bandage (at least 2 meters x 8 cm unstretched, self-adhesive is recommended) and sterile compress with pressure bandage (ie first bandage).

  • Tent (must accommodate two people and their packing, withstand rain and be equipped with floors, ceilings and walls, only mosquito nets in any part are not approved