SportIdent is the system we use for stamp control and time keeping. It is an electronic stamping system where each participant carries a small “stamping stick” – the SI stick that contains an RFID chip. In this, times and control codes for stamping and crossing the finish line are stored by stamping. All stamping is confirmed by small light and sound signal, if you do not hear/see the signal, no stamping has occurred. Stamping takes about 1 second, usually shorter. All stamping units look the same but have different functions: empty, check, measure and finish. Each team member is given an SI stick, which is to be fastened around the wrist with a bracelet that we provide. This must be done before starting.


Before the start the SI stick needs to be cleared of any old stamps. This is done at a clearing unit next to the start line. Clearing the unit can take a little while, so make sure you wait until you hear the signal and see the light! Everyone needs to check with a control before the race that the SI stick is cleared!


During the course, competitors must stamp electronically in the control units along the way. We will check to make sure that team members don’t stamp with excessive intervals in between stamps (see rules). The control units are attached to wooden canes along with orienteering sheets and a pin terminal. If there is no light and sound when you try to stamp, the SI stick isn’t working, and you’ll need to use the pin terminal and reference the orientation sheet to make your stamp.

Before the SI stick loses power, you should notice it chirping repeatedly for a while. If this is occurring while you’re trying to stamp, use the pin terminal instead.


At the finish line we stamp a ‘Finishing stamp’. That will indicate the stop time for your team, but please continue on to the final terminal immediately as the speaker will want your time as soon as possible. The final terminal is attached to a computer that reads the SI sticks, which we will check to ensure you stamped correctly and which time you got. After the competition end, please make sure to return the SI stick.