Lake Rissajaure (Northern Sami: Rissájávri) roughly means “the lake that glitters like fire”. But many know it more as Trollsjön and it is one of the country’s most popular destinations! When SJ’s travelers in 2019 were to vote for which domestic destination they most wanted to go to, Rissajaure actually took first place. Now it may be your turn to experience this gem!

    Pris: 395:-/ person

    Includes: Transfer back and forth to Trollsjön with map and tour description.

    Info: Hike is 12 km long and takes 5 – 7 hours including stop for lunch och pauses.

    Difficulty: Average (12 km).

We offer a hiking package with transfer to the mighty valley Gearggevággi where one of Sweden’s most coveted smultron places awaits at the far end: Trollsjön or Rissájávri as it is called in Northern Sami.

The valley is also called Stendalen and there is an obvious reason for this. It is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places the Swedish mountains can offer. A unique area known for its magnificent rock formations formed by the last ice age. The destination of the excursion, Rissájávri, is located in the valley and it is known for its clear water and incredible depth of sight. On a beautiful day, you can see the entire 36 meters all the way to the bottom! Do you perhaps dare to immerse yourself in the icy water …?

We drop you off at the car park along road E 10 where the path towards Trollsjön starts, you get your Map, as well as a tour description to be able to walk to the lake at the end of the valley. We will pick you up again around 4pm.

The hiking distance is about 12 km round trip with about 350 meters.

The activity is booked online directly with the following link


If you prefer to hike with Guide, we also offer guided tours to Trollsjön twice a week. Click on to read more.

Guided tour to Trollsjön