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The Kåta (traditionally a type of hut built by the Sami people) is located at Rakkasliften, only a few hundred meters from the hotel Fjället. It is a perfect place for a more secluded experience; to gather the company, the gang or any private group.

    Taste of Lapland food package

    Are you ready for a truly amazing Scandinavian food experience? You’ll try bear sausage, reindeer sausage, moose sausage, smoked reindeer heart, cold smoked salmon, engraved salmon, flat bread and butter, baked potatoes, red wine flavored with lingonberries, reindeer club and roasted root vegetables.

    After dinner, there will be traditional coffee with coffee cheese (another Northern classic).

    Participants: Minimum 10 people, max 50 people

Taste of Lapland

In the middle of the Kåta is a large fireplace, showering light and warmth throughout the Kåta, making the perfect setting to experience the food package Taste of Lapland.

The food is served in a wooden plate which the guests themselves cast in the fire after dinner is finished. Drinks are served from genuine wooden Kåsa, artisanal wooden drinking mugs made in the Northern tradition. Staff make sure the hut is well heated and cozy before the guests arrival. We also provide staff for the dinner service.

Price: 625 SEK per adult + 4 500 SEK reservation fee for the Kåta

Participants: Minimum 10 persons, maximum 50 persons

For more info contact us at bokning@laplandresorts.se or call +46  (980)-64100