Cross-country runs

Rallarvägen 6/10 km

The cross-country ski track starts by the sign for Rallarvägen opposite the railway station in Björkliden and passes several historic places towards Rallarkyrkogården church yard. It is a fun and varied run with comfortable hills. The run goes through the mountain forest, which offers protection from the wind. You go back the same way with fantastic views over Torneträsk and Lapporten.

Rallarvägen 5/12 km

Depending on the amount of snow you can do a detour from the main run on Rallarvägen, so you can ski loops ranging from 5 to 12 km long rounds.

Hotell Fjället

The cross-country runs by Hotell Fjället and Kåppas Cabin Village are 2 and 5 km long respectively. The tracks are hilly and go through forest areas that are sheltered from the wind. The tracks start from Hotell Fjället behind the Sports Shop or by the road opposite the entrance to the holiday village car park.

Låktaspåret; Björkliden – Låktatjåkko – Riksgränsen

Later on in the season we offer a 27 km prepared run all the way from Björkliden via Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge (1228 m asl), Kärkevagge, Katterjåkk to Riksgränsen. A truly spectacular run with incredible views.

Ski touring

To Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge

The lower trail to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge is a marked winter track that starts from Hotell Fjället. The track is9 km long and rises900 m, which means that it is challenging and you should allow yourself plenty of time. Take warm clothes and a packed lunch. Another option is to follow the snowmobile track for a better surface.

The upper track to Låktatjåkko starts with the Kåppas lift up to the top station. From there you traverse right where the track cross markings start. This track is about a kilometre shorter than the lower track and does not rise as steeply. There are not as many snowmobiles on this track as on the lower one. The two tracks meet for the last bit up to the mountain lodge.


Follow the marked winter track that starts from Hotell Fjället up to the mountain. Up on the elevation you’ll see a sign showing that the track cross markings on the right lead to the lake Kratersjön. The track is fairly easy and not very hilly and there is a beautifully situated wind shelter by the lake. On the way back, you can choose the same route or follow the cross markings towards Rallarkyrkogården church yard on the other side of the railway and take the Rallarvägen cross-country track back.

Our favourites


About 9,000 years ago, the inland ice retreated, but in some valleys it remained and melted, so-called dead ice. In the Kärkevagge valley there are remains from this time in the form of big, fascinating boulders. At the far end of the valley where the mountainsides drop steeply, you’ll find the mythical LakeRissajaure, also known as LakeTrollsjön. Aim for the middle of the valley and zigzag between the stone boulders left behind by the ice age.

Måndalen in its winter guise

One of the most popular walks in summer can also be experienced in winter. Take the lift up to the top of Björkliden’s home mountain where the views stretch for miles and you can see untouched slopes. We ski to Peak 1313 where a fantastic view awaits. The reward is big and we enjoy the trip down to Måndalen and a warming coffee break.

Guided tours

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