The area around Björkliden has Scandinavia’s best ski touring with more than 60 peaks of over 1,200 masl, ranging from easy orange touring to jet black alpine skiing expeditions.

Suggestions for three tours in Björkliden

Kåppastjårro (1313)

Quick and easy with good skiing and magnificent views. Start by the Kittelliften stop in Björkliden’s ski system. Head for the clearly marked peak in the direction of the ski lift. From the peak, you can choose a number of different lines, varying in difficulty, down to Björkliden.

Vertical drop: 380 m

Time: 1 hour to the peak

Difficulty: Easy

Vassitjåkko Nord

A classic tour that is a must for ski touring enthusiasts. Start in Vassijaure and ski for 2 km southeast towards Kärkevagge. Turn right and ski on the left side of the gully on large snowfields. At 1000 masl, it levels out and you follow the ridge southwest that leads to the top. Then choose a downhill ski run from the many lines, which range in difficulty.

Vertical drop: 850 m

Time: 4 hours to the peak

Difficulty: Medium/Difficult


A fantastic, complete experience that ends with the spectacular Kopparåsrännan. Start by Låktatjåkka train station. Walk along the track marked with crosses via Vargpasset up to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge. From there continue to the top of Låktatjåkka. From the top you can choose to go back down to the mountain lodge or down the front of Koppasåsrännan, one of Sweden’s best off-piste runs.

Vertical drop: 950 m

Time: 4 hours to Låktatjåkko Mountains Station and a further 30 min up to the top

Difficulty: Medium/Difficult