General information

General information

The Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon is held in Riksgränsen, where accommodation, start, finish, and the race office (Blue Room) are located.

Change team name, participants, or class in your registration

Upon registration, the team will receive three emails (welcome email, receipt, and start place) which contain links that allow you to view and change your registration. If you want to make any changes to your registration, click on the link and make the necessary updates. You will then receive a new start confirmation with the updated details.
If you provided a Si-card number during registration, email your changes to hello@readysetgo.se.
After August 7, 2024, it will no longer be possible to make changes to the registration online. Any changes after this date can be made at the race office until the start.

If you are unable to participate for any reason, you are responsible for selling your spot. We recommend using Saucony BAMM’s Facebook page as a forum to sell your start place.

Entry fee

Entry fee for SauconyBamm 30, 50 & 70 – 2200 SEK + Si card 100 SEK x 2 = 2400 SEK.

The payment is binding. Upon presenting a medical certificate, 75% of the entry fee will be refunded up to June 1; after this date, no refunds will be issued. Separate booking conditions apply for booked accommodation. If the race is canceled, only the entry fee will be refunded minus a 100 SEK administration fee per team. By registering, you agree to receive information and offers from Lapland Resorts and its partners via email.

BIB pick up

Please pick up your bib and register at our race office by 21:00 on Thursday, August 15.
Teams in SauconyBAMM 30, 50, and 70 will receive:

  • SportIdent card (2 per team)
  • Armband (for attaching the SportIdent cards)
  • Bibs with safety pins
  • Gear bag (BAMM 30)

This is especially important for SauconyBamm 30 participants as we will transport their sleeping bags/tents to the overnight camp after the race office closes at 21:00. The gear should be packed in a plastic bag, sealed, and labeled with the team number. Note that no other equipment or provisions are allowed in the bag. BAMM 30 gear should be left at the designated place next to the hotel. Follow the signs; the area will be well marked.
We will transport your sleeping bag and tent back to Hotel Riksgränsen on Saturday around 17:00. You can pick it up at the same place where you dropped it off next to the hotel.

Race meeting

There will be no physical race meeting during SauconyBamm. The race meeting will be provided digitally and will be published on sauconyBamm.com and our Facebook page. A film where the race management informs about the race and things to be aware of will be available.


Based on Calazo’s mountain map in a scale of 1:50,000. Various trails are marked on the map; note that these can be difficult to notice in the terrain, especially if you are just crossing them. The level of detail varies slightly on the Swedish and Norwegian sides, with stony/steep terrain better marked on the Swedish side. The contour interval (the elevation difference between two contour lines) is 20 m.
Maps for day 1 will be distributed on Friday morning and for day 2 on Friday evening. It is up to the competitors to mark any changes.

Control specifications

Control specifications are printed on the map.
Staffed controls, if any, are marked on the map.

Information board

An information board is available at the race office and the overnight camp. Competitors are responsible for informing themselves of any changes before the start each day. Any information about course changes will be posted on the notice board at the hotel in Riksgränsen or at the overnight camp. The exact course layout will be finalized just before the race, and any changes will be posted on the notice board.


Spiked shoes or shoes with metal studs are not allowed inside the hotel in Riksgränsen.

Changing / Shower

In your own accommodation or at Hotel Riksgränsen. Sauna and showers are available at Hotel Riksgränsen.


The organizer cannot take care of any overclothes brought to the start.

Valuables / Packing

Equipment not needed during the race can be left in a bag at the race office before the race and picked up afterwards. No responsibility is taken for valuables.

Other information

Start, Day 1

BAMM 30, 50, and 70 follow the designated route to the start.

There are very few toilets near the start area.

Check-in to start area

At entry to the start area, bibs must be shown to be checked off the start list. Teams not registered at the race office will be disqualified. After checking in at the start area, it must not be left.

Start method

Mass start with a start signal.

Overnight camp

Accommodation is in designated areas. Tent toilets, drinking water, and dishwashing water are available in designated areas.

Finish, Day 1

Finish is at the overnight camp for all teams. Entry via the finish funnel. Finish by punching when both team members are at the finish. After punching, the cards should be read by a staff member and cleared for the start of day 2.
BAMM 30 teams pick up their gear bags at the designated place.

Start, Day 2

Pursuit start for teams within 1 hour after the leading team. Check the start time on the notice board at the overnight camp. The start is in the start area near the overnight camp.

BAMM 30 teams place their gear bags (tents and sleeping bags) at the designated place.
Be alert to any course changes.

Finish, Day 2

Finish is after the last punching at the finish unit (a few meters behind the finish line). After finishing, equipment control will be conducted, after which you are free to leave the finish area.


Final results are based on the total time plus any time penalties.Posted on notice boards at the overnight camp, at Hotel Fjället, and on the website SauconyBamm.com. The race can be followed on BAMM’s Facebook page where preliminary results will be posted during the day and via a live link on SauconyBamm.com.

Awards cermony

Prizes are mainly for first, second, and third places, as well as mountain prizes.
The awards ceremony will take place in the finish area at 16:00 for each class/participant.

Mountain Prize BAMM 30, 50, and 70

The first men’s, women’s, and mixed teams, regardless of class, to the first control on the first day will receive the mountain prize. The placement is determined by punching (and possibly a sprint judge). To win the mountain prize, the competition must be completed.


Access to a doctor is available in Riksgränsen at the start, overnight camp, and after finishing.

Mountain Saftey

Take no risks. The courses include passages of cliffs, streams, glaciers, and snowfields. The weather can quickly change in the mountains. Minus degrees, snow, rain, storm, fog can make some routes unsuitable.
BAMM is a running competition. If you find yourself in a situation where running has turned into climbing up vertical surfaces, you should choose a different route for your own safety.

In case of accident

Stay together as a team!
If something serious happens: Stay calm, take care of each other, get help from other teams/help other teams.
Alert the mountain rescue (112 in Sweden and 113 in Norway). Inform staff. The race safety plan is based on:

  • Running in teams and taking care of each other if something happens.
  • Being able to attract the attention and help of other teams.
  • Teams carrying equipment to bivouac on the mountain and handle minor injuries.
  • Some staffed controls on the course have phone contact with the race doctor and/or 112, mountain rescue. They also have extra first aid material.
  • To avoid teams feeling pressured to reach the overnight camp or finish at all costs (to avoid being reported missing), we have introduced the rule that search operations start no earlier than the next day.

It is important that teams who drop out do not go home without notifying the race management.

How Timing Works

Timing with SportIdent

SportIdent is the system we use for punching control and timing. It is an electronic punching system where each participant carries a small “punch stick” – the SI stick, which contains an RFID chip. This stores timestamps and control codes for punches and finishes by punching into the punching units. All punches are confirmed by light and sound signals, no signal = no punch. Punching takes about 1 second, usually shorter. All punching units look the same but have different functions: clear, check, control, and finish. Each team member receives their own SI stick, which should be attached to the wrist with a wristband provided by us. This should be done before the start.

Before the start

Before the start, the SI stick must be cleared of old punches. This is done in a clear unit located near the start. Clearing can take several seconds, wait for the light and sound signal. Upon entry to the start area, everyone must punch in a check unit that verifies the stick is cleared, light and sound signal = okay, no signal = clear the stick.

During the race

Along the course, everyone must punch at the control units. We will check that team members do not punch too far apart in time, see the rules. The units are mounted on wooden stakes along with an orienteering marker and a puncher. If no light and sound signal is received when punching, the SI unit is not working properly, and the puncher should be used. Punch on the map.

There have also been instances where the SI unit continuously beeps. In this case, the puncher should also be used as the unit is not functioning.


At the finish, punch in a finish unit. This stops the time, but we would appreciate it if you proceed without delay to the readout unit, especially on Saturday when our speaker wants your finish time as soon as possible. The readout unit is connected to a computer that reads the SI stick, verifying that you punched correctly and recording your time. After the race, the SI stick must be returned.