Closed for the season

Good morning!

We are closed for this season, welcome back in february.

Welcome to Björkliden!


Temp valley: 4
Temp top: 2
Wind valley: Calm (0 m/s)
Wind top: Calm (0 m/s)

New snow 24h: 0 cm

Off-piste areas:
Stora Drivan: Open
Svarta Björn: Open

Avalanche information:

Be aware of cracks in the snow above le pen.

For Avalanche information outside the ski boundary; www.lavinprognoser.se

Cross-country tracks:

Due to the rain and hot weather last week we unfortonaly cant prepare any cross-country tracks anymore.

Rallarvägen: Closed

Övre längdspåren: Closed

Weather updates from SMHI
C 13m/s
  • Updated daily at 07:45 cm

Closed due to storm?

Sometimes we are exposed to stormy weather. To make your stay as good as possible, you can read about what activities that you can do in case the storm is coming.

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  • Open lifts0/5
  • Open slopes0/15
  • Open offpist areas0/8
  • Open trails0/30 km
Lifts Updated daily from the 10/2
Kåppasliften Closed
Grytliften Closed
Kitteldalsliften Closed
Lappbergsliften Closed
Rakkasliften Closed
Lifts – Opening Hours
Lappbergsliften 09.00-16.00 11/2-02/5
Rakkasliften 09.00-16.30 11/2-02/5
Kåppasliften 09.00-16.00 11/2-02/5, all of week 13 + 5/4
Grytliften 09.00 Fri-Sun, 12/2-02/5, open also Mon-Thurs v 9, Easter, 13 & 14
Kitteldalsliften 10.00-16.00 11/2-02/5
Rakkasliften kvällsåkning 18.30-20.30 fredagar v8-v15
Björkliden lift info
Lifts Lenght Vertical drop
Kåppasliften 1 675 meter 19 m
Grytliften 740 meter 90 m
Kitteldalsliften 1 120 meter 407 m
Lappbergsliften 140 meter 235 m
Rakkasliften 400 meter 326 m
Open slopes
Piste Status
Räven Closed
Haren Closed
Teknikbacken Closed
Äventyrsspåret Closed
Vintergatan Closed
Urspårningen Closed
Rallarsvängen Closed
Himlabacken Closed
Rälsbrottet Closed
Lilla björn Closed
Solkurvan Closed
Växeln Closed
Karven Closed
Raka spåret Closed
Hemvändaren Closed

Piste map


For current weather info SMHI.SE or YR.NO For information about avalanche danger outside the ski area, read on Lavinprognoser.se