As a skier or snowboarder you never stop developing. The beauty of these, like many sports, is the better you are the more fun it becomes. In our ski school everyone can learn something new.

Private Lesson

Back to basics or advanced carving technique? Here you can learn everything from a plow-turn to where you find the best skiing in our ski area. The courses are adapted to your conditions and knowledge.

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Children’s ski school

Our children’s ski school has been developed to be a fun, well rounded experience where we focus on learning technique at an individual level. It is also designed as a social gathering where students will meet like-minded peers, and maybe a few new friends!

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Guided tours

Whether you’re looking for the most popular areas of the resort or the off piste trails that will push you to your edge, let our guides show you the best slopes for the experience catered just for you. 

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