Gammelgården ski lodge

With a heritage spanning a century, the cozy mountain-lodge atmosphere is embedded in the walls here, but that doesn’t mean we’re serving the same food as we did back then! Rather, we’ve adopted a modern stylization and bridged our traditional rustic mountain cuisine with our take on a variety of pizzas and pastas, both perfect food for mountain sports and for your tongue to enjoy! To complement your meal, we offer a wide selection of drinks, including wine and beer, all sorts of warm drinks and freshly made coffee.


The very first ski lodge in Björkliden, the Centenarian has seen more than a few meals served over the past one hundred years. The reasons why guests still enjoy their visits here are numerous, and we invite you to discover them yourself.

From October 14th and every Wednesday during the whole fall and winter of 2020, the Centenarian is open for the classic pizza buffet! We serve stone baked pizzas, beer, wine and alcohol free drinks.  

Buffet 155 SEK / person
Children under 12 yrs 77.50 SEK / person

Pssst.. if you don’t want to drive home after enjoying your dinner, you can book your stay at Kåppas Cabin Village

Open hours

Gammelgården Resturant
Period Days Time
14/10-16/12 Wednesdays 18-21
Gammelgården Ski lodge
Period Days Time
21/9-11/2-2021 All days Closed