Gammelgården ski lodge

The very first ski lodge in Björkliden, the Centenarian has seen more than a few meals served over the past one hundred years. The reasons why guests still enjoy their visits here are numerous, and we invite you to discover them yourself.


With a heritage spanning a century, the cozy mountain-lodge atmosphere is embedded in the walls here, but that doesn’t mean we’re serving the same food as we did back then! Rather, we’ve adopted a modern stylization and bridged our traditional rustic mountain cuisine with our take on a variety of pizzas and pastas, both perfect food for mountain sports and for your tongue to enjoy!

To complement your meal, we offer a wide selection of drinks, including wine and beer, all sorts of warm drinks and freshly made coffee.

Pizza and á la carte in the Easter

During Easter, we keep Gammelgården open for pizza and à la carte. Below you will see times that are available for booking. Also, don’t miss Pekka Power, who plays on Easter Eve!

6/4 Maundy Thursday
max 12 people/time

7/4 Good Friday
Fully booked

8/4 Easter Eve
16:00–18:00 (admission 15.00) Pekka Power is on stage
You can buy pizza slices at the bar.

9/4 Easter Sunday
Fully booked

First come, first serve!! Limited number of seats. We book you in according to place and time. Bookings are available via email: lapporten@laplandresorts.se

Rent Gammelgården

You can rent parts of or the whole of Gammelgården for your arrangements, no matter if it’s for a film or photo shoot, a conference, weddings or other events. Get in touch for more info and bookings.


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