Time to take out the camper van and hit the road? You won’t want to miss this sight! Our lovely camp sights are a flexible location for travellers by camper, caravan or van. They’re situated close to ski systems, cross-country tracks and with endless nature just outside your doorstep. You can park at the site annually, semiannually or occasional nights; on this page, you find all information you need for the camping site in Björkliden.

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Björkliden’s campsite is centrally located in Björkliden in close proximity to both the mountain and the lift system. The campsite consists of approx. 100 caravan places and is equipped with a service house where you have access to a kitchen and toilet/shower.

For the period 16 May – 28 June 2024, you can pre-book a place, contact  bokning@laplandresorts.se.

Walk-in booking is only possible during reception opening hours Monday – Sunday 11:00-18:00. Check-in reception Hotell Fjället.

During the summer season, 28 June – 8 September 2024, we only accept walk-in bookings. You, as a guest, do not need to pre-book individual 24-hour slots, but we will take that when you come to us in Björkliden. Check-in takes place at the reception at Hotell Fjället.

Are you interested in having an annual or seasonal place at our campsite? From 2 September 2024 at 09:00 they can be booked online. You can read through our booking conditions here. Document with specification and control plan of front yard that applies to the campsite:

Courtyard Control Plan (only available in Swedish)
Courtyard Specifications (only available in Swedish)

For more information, please contact us via phone at +46 980-641 00 or email us at bokning@laplandresorts.se.

Annual and seasonal places can be booked via the link below:


Book seasonal lot at the camping site

Benefits for seasonal and annual camping guests

We believe it should be beneficial to be a seasonal or annual camping guest in Björkliden. That’s why you’ll get the following benefits as a seasonal or annual guest:

  • 20% discount at all restaurants in Björkliden & Riksgränsen (Max 4 ppl, no alcohol)
  • 20% discount at ski school in Björkliden (Valid for 1 occasion)
  • Free entry to Bar Rallaren, Björkliden & Grönan, Riksgränsen (Max 4 ppl, not valid for special arrangements)
  • 25% discount on 4 ski passes of your choice (Can be used during the same ski season as when the pass was bought)
  • Free entry to Relaxen SPA & Sauna in Riksgränsen (Valid for max 4 ppl for one occasion (Sun-Wed)

*With reservation for changes. (Only valid for seasonal and annual camping guests)

Buy your seasonal ski pass with camping discount here


Camping spot
Camping Info Price
Seasonal winter Excl. electricity (1,95 kwa) 14 970 SEK
Annual Excl. electricity (1,95 kwa) 21 925 SEK
Tent spot
Type of tent Price
Tent camping, 1-6 ppl tents 200 SEK/night & tent
Tent at Låkta, access to facilities, WC/showers & sauna 155 SEK/person
Other assistance
Tractor road assistance (e.g. cars in the trench or stuck in the snow) 1155 SEK / started hour
Tractor snow shoveling at camp spot 630 SEK / started 30 mins
Engine starting aid 575 SEK / started 30 mins
Camping spot with electricity
Camping Days Price
Camping spot with electricity /24hrs 435 SEK
Camping spot with gas
Camping Days Price
Camping spot with gas /24hrs 380 SEK

Damage report camping

Is there a problem at the camping site? Please send your report via the form below and we will make sure to fix it as soon as possible.