Rakkas Lapp cot

Our cosy lapp cot, located by the Rakkas lift, only a couple of hundred meters from Hotel Fjället is the perfect place for a private dinner for the familym the small company or the friend group.


Would you like to have your own northern gastronomic experience with local delicacies, cooked over the fire in a traditional lapp cot? Contact us and book the Rakkas lapp cot this fall or winter for your company. During a private dinner, you will have the whole cot for yourselves and a private chef who will cook the meal for you. If you are interested, the chef will show you how to cook the meal, what herbs and spices to use and give you tips on how to achieve a perfectly cooked northern dinner. If you just want to relax and enjoy your own company, sit back on the cozy reindeer skins and watch the chef cook the meal for you. The menu is tailored according to your wishes.

Amount of people: Min 6
Price: Contact us for booking and price

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Aurora dinner

The aurora is one of the most beautiful phenomena you can see during a dark, crisp evening up north. Join in for an evening where you get to learn more about this nature phenomena, eat a delicious dinner and hopefully experience the actual northern light. The Aurora Dinner is a tour where you, together with a guide head out to our lapp cot to enjoy a tasty meal at the same time as you have the chance to experience the aurora. If the ground is covered by snow, you will walk to the lapp cot on snow shoes. Otherwise, you will walk by foot. Once at the lapp cot, we will make a fire and enjoy the local delicacies. May we tempt you with dried elk meat, smoked reindeer heart, reindeer sausages, Västerbotten cheese, flatbred, a creamy minced reindeer stew and creme brulée with cloudberries? These are only some of the local delicacies that are included in the meny served in the cosy lapp cot. The food is served on wooden plates which you get to throw into the fire after you finish your dinner. The drinks are served from genuine wooden cups. During the evening, your guide will teach you about the mystery of the aurora. How it is that we can see it up north, what it actually is that we see and the myths that have been told  for hundreds of years. The evening will also give you an opportunity to ask your guide about anything you wonder about our mountains, the nature and our history. When the evening has come to an end and you are full and satisfied, warmed up from the sparkling fire and hopefully have seen the aurora, it is time to walk back home through the polar night. Amount of people: 4-8 Price: 1725kr / adult, 1350kr / child
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