Northern Light Snowshoe Hike

fr. 695:- /pers

Kids’ Offpiste | Björkliden

fr. 400:- /pers

Private Ski Lesson

fr. 945:- /pers

Off-Piste Guiding

fr. 665:- /pers

Ski Touring for Beginners | Björkliden

fr. 1225:- /pers

Childrens’ Ski School

fr. 645:- /pers

Lemming Club Winter


Private snowboard lesson | Björkliden

fr. 945:- /pers

Day trip with Cat Ski to Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge

fr. 515:- /pers

Fishing in the arctic

fr. 795:- /pers


fr. 275:- /pers

Hiking package to lake Rissajaure 

fr. 395:- /pers

The Lemming Club


Cave adventure

fr. 695:- /pers

Private guide for summer mountains

fr. 4995:- /group & day

Snowmobile Tour to Låktatjåkko

fr. 2195:- /pers

Visit the Sami & Reindeer in Jukkasjärvi

fr. 1.395:- /pers

Explore the Ice Hotel

fr. 1.395:- /pers

The Ultimate Aurora Photo Adventure

fr. 1.495:- /pers

Dog Sledding Excursion in Kiruna

fr. 2500:- /pers

Morning Hike in Abisko National Park

fr. 599:- /pers

Panorama Snowmobile Tour 2h

fr. 1595:- /pers

Night Sky Snowmobile Tour

fr. 1795:- /pers

Great Outback Snowmobile Tour | 4h

fr. 2095:-