Sports shop and rental

Need a new set of skis, bike, clothing or gear? Whatever you’re lacking, our rental shop has got you covered. From tuning equipment, testing new modals, renting missing items and fixing your gear, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find what you need.

Shop & rental

Once the winter season is coming up, we can supply all your equipment needs for alpine and cross-country skiing as well as ski touring. We can supply ski wear, boots, helmets, beanies and almost anything else one could want for a great day of outdoor pursuits.

During the summer season we sell all the outdoor essentials, outer-wear, boots, backpacks, complementary gear and useful items such as mosquito deterrent, Calor gas-stoves, and compasses. Our rental equipment includes bikes, golf sets, hiking and fishing gear.

In addition to the shop and rental we can also service your personal equipment. We are happy to tune your skis or snowboard, from sharpening the edges, adding a coat of wax, or rescuing your feet from painful boots applying a deft mix of our skills and the right tools.

Contact us in the sports shop!

If you have question about our equipment or our goods please contact us by telephone or use the form to send us an email. You can only book your rental equipment by filling in the whole form.

Telephone:  0980 – 641 94

price list summer rental equipment

Mountainbike incl. helmet Mountainbike junior incl. helmet Helmet
1 day: 400 kr 1 day: 250 kr 1-6 days: 50 kr
2 days: 650 kr 2 days: 450 kr
3 days: 850 kr 3 days: 650 kr

Rent equipment

Please keep in mind to only fill in the dates you want to rent the equipment since we charge for all reserved days. If you have any questions regarding our equipment or assortment, please call us at: +46 (0)980 – 641 94
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