Cross-country trails

Rallarvägen (The Navvy Trail) 6-10 km

This cross-country trail starts at the sign marking for Rallarvägen opposite the railway station in Björkliden and will lead you past several iconic pieces of local history towards the old Navvy cemetary. It is a fun and varied track that is reasonably hilly. The trail leads through lovely forests adorning the mountainside which provide protection from the wind. You go back the same way with a fantastic view of Torneträsk and Lapporten.

The track is prepared daily as needed until the snow disappears or the end of the season.

Rallarvägen (Navvy Trail – Alternate trails) 5/12 km

Depending on the snow levels, there are several detours from the main track on Rallarvägen and there are several loops available, ranging from 5 to 12 km.

The track is prepared daily as needed until the snow disappears or the end of the season.

Hotel Fjället 5/2 km

This cross-country trails at Hotel Fjället and Kåppas cabins are 2 and 5 km long respectively. The tracks are reasonably hilly and follow a forested area protected from the wind. The trail start either from Hotel Fjället behind the Sport shop or by the road opposite the entrance to the cottage parking.

The track is prepared daily as needed until the snow disappears or the end of the season.

Suggestions to cross country skiing around Björkliden

To Låktatjåkko Mountain Lodge

The lower trail to Låktatjåkko mountain lodge is a marked winter trail that starts from Hotel Fjället. The trail is 9 km long and rises 900 m, which means that it is fairly challenging, so we recommend you don’t rush yourself; it’s a beautiful journey along the way. Make sure to bring warm clothes and a lunch bag. The upper trail to Låktatjåkko starts with taking the Kåppas chairlift up to the top station, or alternatively you can begin on the snowmobile trail. Then turn straight right out where the junction begins. This trail is a few kilometers shorter than the lower trail and has less of an ascent. Snowmobiles don’t ride this path to the same extent on this joint as on the lower one either. The two trails meet the last bit up towards the mountain lodge.

Crater Lake

Follow the marked winter trail that starts from Hotel Fjället up the mountain. Up on the hill you will see a sign that shows that the junction on the right leads to Kratersjön. The trail is relatively simple and not so difficult in terrain, and at Kratersjön you’ll be treated to a lovely a windbreak located next to the lake. On the way home, you can to go back the same way or follow the crossroads towards Rallarkyrkogården on the other side of the railway and take the long-distance track on Rallarvägen back.

Riksgränsen – Katterjåkk – Kärkevagge – Låktatjåkko Fjällstation – Björkliden

These Cross-country ski trails go all the way from Riksgränsen via Katterjåkk, Kärkevagge, Låktatjåkko Fjällstation (1228 meters above sea level) and on to Björkliden. This is truly a spectacular track with incredible views. The cross-country ski trail will be excellent with intersections / crossroads from Katterjåkk to Låkta.

Check the snow level along the route before heading out. For more information, contact the sports information office in Riksgränsen or Björkliden.

Our own favorites

Kärkevagge / Trollsjön

About 9000 years ago, the glacial ice sheet retreated, but in some valleys it remained and melted, which is called ‘dead ice’. In the valley Kärkevagge there are remains from this time in the form of large and fascinating boulders. At the far end of the valley where the mountain sides fall steeply, one can find the mythical lake Rissajaure, which is also called Trollsjön. Aim towards the middle of the valley and cross between the boulders that the ice age left behind.

Måndalen in Winter

One of the most popular hikes in summer can now also be experienced in winter. Take the lift up to the top of Björkliden’s home mountain where a mile-wide vista with untouched slopes can be viewed. Ski towards the top 1313 where a fantastic outlook awaits. This jaunt comes with a high reward and we recommend you take the journey down to Måndalen for a warming coffee break.

Suggested three summit tour in the area around Björkliden and Riksgränsen

Kåppastjårro (1313)

Quick and easy with good riding and magnificent views. Start at the Kittel chair lift descent in Björkliden’s ski system. Walk towards the clearly marked top in the direction of lift. From the top you can choose a variety of lines, with varying difficulty, down to Björkliden.

Elevation: 380 meters
Time: 1 hour to the top
Difficulty: Easy

Vassitjåkka Nord

A classic tour that is a must for every top tour enthusiast. Start in Vassijaure and ski 2 km southeast towards Kärkevagge. Then turn right and go on the left side of the brook ravine on large snowfields. At 1000 meters it flattens out and you follow the ridge southwest which leads to the top. Then select the downhill run – sometimes a large number of lines are available with different degrees of difficulty.

Elevation: 850 meters
Time: 4 hours to the top
Difficulty: Moderate


A fantastic overall experience that ends with the spectacular Kopparåsrännan. Start at Låktatjåkka train station. Walk along the cross-marked trail via Vargpasset (Wolf Pass), up to Låktatjåkko Fjällstation. From there further up on Låktatjåkka’s top. From the top you can choose to go down back to the mountain station or to go down the front in Koppasåsrännan, one of Sweden’s finest off-piste skis.

Elevation: 950 meters
Time: 4 hours to Låktatjåkko Mountain Station, 30 minutes further up to the top
Difficulty: Moderate