Winter season

Winter up in Björkliden is mostly associated with skiing. With all due reason. In February, the sun returns, and that’s when we open up our ski system. During the late winter, or spring winter as we call it, you can expect snow, sun and skiing joy. Come and experience winter with us!


With Sweden’s third-highest vertical drop, plenty of natural snow, and Scandinavia’s most beautiful views, it’s no wonder that Björkliden is a popular destination. What is most distinctive, however, is that we can offer challenges and experiences for both enthusiastic beginners and daring veterans.

In Björkliden, you’ll find a variety of slopes with different difficulty levels. In Björkliden, you’ll find a variety of slopes with different difficulty levels. Here, you have both children’s slopes and gentle beginner slopes to black slopes for the more advanced skier.

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Visit Sweden’s highest mountain station Låktatjåkko

9 kilometers from Björkliden, right in the middle of two mountain peaks in remote terrain, lies Låktatjåkko Mountain Station, which can also boast of being Sweden’s highest mountain station and bar at 1228 meters above sea level. Here is the restaurant you never thought existed situated.

Låktatjåkko is a perfect day trip from Björkliden. Take your backcountry skis or ski touring skis up to try the mythical “låktavåffla” or enjoy a good lunch.

If you want a truly fantastic experience, we recommend staying overnight at the mountain station. Our two-course dinner is included. The morning after, enjoy our breakfast buffet in the restaurant or outdoors in the sunshine. Book a night at Låktatjåkko mountain station here.

You can also take the cat ski up to Låktatjåkko Mountain Station with daily departures. Read more and book here.

Our friends at Outback Abisko organize snowmobile tours up to Låktatjåkko throughout the winter season. Try driving a snowmobile on the mountain and enjoy a waffle. Read more here.

Låktatjåkko mountain station is open from February 23th to May 12th during the winter season of 2024.