Autumn is the season of vibrant colors. Calm sets in, and if you’re lucky, you might see the Northern Lights in the evenings. A perfect season for hiking in a mosquito-free mountain environment.

Northern lights

Get ready for a nighttime experience where the Northern Lights, or the green lady as it’s sometimes called, offers a dance performance across the celestial vault.

To maximize your chances of experiencing the Northern Lights, it’s important to plan your visit at the right time of year and in an optimal location. The best months for seeing the Northern Lights are typically from September to March, when the nights are long and dark in regions near the Arctic Circle. Björkliden, with minimal light pollution, is an ideal destination to maximize your opportunities to see the Northern Lights. It appears as curtains or bands of green, pink, and purple hues that move across the sky. The movements and glow are dynamic and can change in shape, intensity, and color, creating a completely unique experience every time.

Remember that the Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon, and we cannot guarantee that you will see them during your stay with us. However, with careful planning, a bit of luck, and an open mind, you have good chances of witnessing the enchanting Northern Lights.

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Trollsjön/Rissajaure in Kärkevagge

One of Sweden’s most talked-about lakes and a popular hiking trail. Book our transfer to the starting point and hike up through Kärkevaggen, a valley filled with majestic boulders, towards the crystal-clear lake at the end of the valley. Here, you can enjoy your packed lunch. If you’re brave, you can take a dip in the cold lake.

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Hike up to Låktatjåkko

9 kilometer from Björkliden, right in the mountain pass, you’ll find Sweden’s highest located mountain station, Låktatjåkko. Here, you can taste the well-known Låktavåffla or have a coffee break after a wonderful day in the mountains. If you want to indulge, there is the possibility of overnight accommodation with a two-course dinner and breakfast. Experience something beyond the ordinary!

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