Welcome to Björkliden Fjällby

Björkliden is one of Sweden’s most classic tourist destinations, dating back nearly a century. The first tourists arrived here in the beginning of the 1900’s, travelling by the newly built railroad connecting Kiruna and Narvik. They came in search of mountains, wilderness, and the feeling of freedom that echoes throughout these elusive alpine valleys. At the time, they were one and all pioneers in a then virtually unknown world. This is to us an honorable heritage to manage. Since 1926 we have been delivering lifelong memories for our guests, and we are dedicated to continually foster a sense of authenticity which remains true to our foundations. Throughout the shifting seasons, this is is a place for body and soul for all who have a spark of adventure within their hearts. We wish you a pleasant stay with us.


The reception is open 24 hours a day

Restaurant Lapporten

Breakfast 07.00 – 09.30

Lunch 11.30 -14.00

Dinner 18.00 – 23.00 (Service à la carte – Last order 22.30)


Find and book activities on our weppage: ACTIVITIES | Björkliden (bjorkliden.com)


Wi-fi is available free of charge at the Hotel Fjället. The network is called: Björkliden-fjallby and no password is required to login.


The sauna is bookable at the reception.


The gym is open 08:30-20:30


Sport shop

Sports shop and rental | Björkliden (bjorkliden.com)

 Other general info

  • Please respect that all our cabins are non-smoking
  • Pets are only allowed in specific cabins
  • Be kind to your neighbours and keep the level of noise down after 22.00

If you have any questions or need help with anything, please contact the front desk at hotel Fjället 0980-64102 and we will be happy to help you.

See you in the mountains!
/The Staff in Björkliden Fjällby

Open hours

At your cabin


In some of our cabins you need to put one of your keycards in the little holder inside of the frontdoor for the lights in the cabin to work.


In some of our cabins, in order to get the kitchen to work, you will need to press a timer. In most of the cabins the timer is located in the hallway between the frontdoor and the kitchen.

In the black folder in the cabin there is a list of kitchen utensils which are supposed be be in the kitchen. If your cabin is missing some utensils please contact the reception, and we will replace what’s missing.


To turn on the sauna, in the cabins which has saunas, there are two knobs located on the bottom part of the sauna heater. One is to control the heat and you can turn that one to maximum capacity. The second knob is a timer. If you look closely on it you will see that it has the numbers 1-4 written on it. This represents the time that the sauna is active.  If you turn it past the number 4, you will see the numbers 1-8 which is a timer. These figures represents hours and by setting the knob at one of them you get the number of hours before the sauna is turned on automatically. If you want the sauna to be hot when you get back after a day of skiing or hiking, these are thus the numbers you want to use. It takes about 30-45 minutes for the sauna to get hot.

It is a wonderful experience to roll in the cold snow while using the sauna. Just make sure you don’t lock yourself out of the cabin.

Departure Cleaning

If you have not bought a departure cleaning for the cottage, this is what you need to do to clean the cottage:

We hope you had a nice stay with us. On the day of departure, check out time is 11 am. Please let the reception know if you wish to stay another night.
Before departure you are responsible for cleaning the cabin. You should find the following cleaning equipment, please let our staff know if anything’s missing:

• Washing-up brush, dishcloth, dischtowel, washing-up liquid
• Broom and dustpan
• Vacuum cleaner
• Mop, mop handle, cloth, bucket, scouring

Following should be done:

  • Take out the garbage
  • Wash up the dishes
  • Wipe the tables, sink, stove, fridge Dust wipe
  • Vacuum clean
  • Mop the floor
  • Scrub the toilet, shower, sink, mirror Leave bed linen in the hallway

if cleaning has not been done, Björkliden will charge me a cleaning fee of 2000 SEK. If damage has been done the actual costs will be charged.

Have you just checked in and want to know what you can do in Björkliden?

You have arrived at a true winter paradise

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