Our children are our future, and raising them with experiences in the mountains, the wild and with the love of nature can shape the values of generations to come. The youngest visitors here are some of the most important for us, and we’ve designed a wealth of activities just for them.

    Summer in the mountains is the perfect time and place for small legs wanting to run and explore. Below we present some activates that are suitable for youth of all ages. You will find activities both designed for the great outdoors and indoor activities for the days you prefer to stay inside or during bad weather. 


When it is time to leave mum and dad at home and go on your own adventures, the Lemming club is the perfect start! Together with new friends and a guide, this youth group will head out into nature and learn about animals, nature and the mountains. Learn to become an expert tracker, identify animal scat, how to make a fire, or maybe try our fishing luck in our nearby small lake!

The program for the day is decided by the guide and will be adapted to the weather. Please keep in mind to bring appropriate clothes for being outside, even on a rainy day and preferably waterproof shoes. Recommended for youth between 4 and 12 years old.

Time: 3 hours

Price: 195 kr /child
Minimum 3 participants.

This summer, the Lemming club will be organised upon request. If you are interested, contact the booking department at: 
0980 – 641 00 or bokning@laplandresorts.se

Free activities for kids


Situated right in between our cabins is our miniature golf course; the perfect setting for a family tournament! Clubs and balls can be borrowed in the reception of the hotel. Next to the golf course we find everyone’s favourite, the swings!


The sprawling, spacious lawn in front of the hotel is a good place to hang out if you have spare energy. There we have a large trampoline, an obstacle course and a slack line. Find out who can do the obstacle course in the shortest time or take most steps on the slack line without touching the ground! Can’t know before you tried it! On the law there’s also a possibility to try out your lasso skills on our homemade reindeer. Lasso and instructions are available in the hotel reception.


Are you the inquisitive type, curious about the world, nature and animals? Then you should try Fjälle’s trail! Fjälle is our lemming mascot and he has created a short trail around the hotel. You get to learn more about his friends, for example the lynx, the hare and the reindeer along the trail. The trail starts at the large ski area information board, next to the lawn in front of the hotel and is marked with a picture of the mascot.


What beats a swim in cool refreshing waters on a warm summer day? Somehow the younger ones seem to think it’s a good idea even on a day when you lips turn blue. For children, the best swimming spots are either “Badsjön” (the bathing lake) or down by the lake Torneträsk. Directions of how to get to the bathing spots are found in the activity description, “Swimming spots”.


In Sweden, we call skipping stones, “throwing a sandwich”. The lake side down by Torneträsk and the Silver Falls is the perfect place for this. The smooth, flat stones by the lakes shore seem implausibly perfect for skipping, to the point where you might think they’re manmade! You will find numerous flat rocks in all sizes along the beach. The rocks are flat due to the erosion and the movement of the water. Pick your stone and see who can skip the most times!


You can find table tennis and a foosball table at the lower floor beneath the lobby at the hotel. This is the perfect place for family tournaments. Rackets and balls are available to borrow from the reception. If you are several people, perhaps a Swedish classic, a round of running table tennis, might be fun? 


Is there anything cozier than board games on a rainy day? The reception has board games to borrow when the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities. Ask after the assortment and choose your battle.


When you miss the toys at home the most, the play room at the hotel is at your rescue. Inside the room, you find toys, Legos and books. A great place to hang out while mum or dad enjoy a cup of coffee.