Björkliden is full of nice of areas to swim. The water can be a ‘slightly’ cooler than what you might be used to, but if you are just brave enough, a refreshing dip is wonderful way to experience our unique environment!

    Keep in mind that water levels can be quite high in early summer due to melt water from the mountains; swimming in running water should be avoided, it can look calmer than it is! Feel free to contact our reception if you are unsure.

A Selection of Swimming around Björkliden


Of course! The lake got its name because it is small and easily gets hot in the summer, and is a lovely spot to take a swim! It is also close and well to the hotel with only a short walk of about a kilometer up to the lake. It’s shallow, charming and has a rocky bottom.


The world’s best beach for ‘throwing sandwiches’, as the Swedes say, or skipping stones! The best swimming in Torne marshes is on the beach to Silverfallet.

Set out walking down to the silver fall according to the hiking map. The beach is full of perfect rocks to skip stones with. It is almost as if all the stones have been placed here for just that. Of course, it was time, weather and the ebb and flow of the water that has produced these almost perfectly flat stones. The depth of the water changes during the season due to the advance of the meltwater, but it is usually a few meters deep out from the shoreline. Some days with wind however, the waves can be high and swimming should be avoided.


A swimming area with a real sense of adventure. One of Björkliden’s hidden gems, you can find this fantastic swimming venue near the hotel. There is a small natural pool on the south side of Rákkasjohka. From the hotel you walk along the river downstream until you reach the other bridge, located between two waterfalls. You cross the bridge to the south side of the stream and turn off directly upstream towards the waterfall. Right in front of the waterfall, a small yet deep pool is formed, and is deep enough to dive. There is also a dam here that prevents the current from becoming to swift. In early summer, however, the water levels can be high and swimming should be avoided here.


A small rocky island in the middle of Rákkasjohka that generally boasts its best swimming and general milieu later in the summer season. This is a great place to sit and enjoy the sun and listen to the rippling of the water. Follow the path along the river downstream almost all the way down until you meet the railway. 100 meters before you reach the paved road, the water curves; this is where the island lies, waiting for you to visit!


For those who want to warm up a bit before taking a dip, a trip to Kratersjön is ideal. After a hike of about 2.5 km you reach Kratersjön, where a cooling splash into the fresh water and a little coffee can be exactly what sets the tone of the day right.